Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Just some more practice

I didn't do much crafting this weekend :-( However, I did go see my daughter at the university family weekend :-D
Here's photos of what coloring I did. Check out the glimmer from the Wink of Stella pen!

Thursday, October 9, 2014


The last couple days I have been re coloring some digital stamps I colored before class began.  I hope they look improved :-D
The whole page is the one I colored more recently.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day 12

I'm sad the class is ending. I love all that I've learned and cannot wait to practice more and more. Today we were asked to show our copic storage. Mine is a meager collection, with hopes of growing.
My brain days the makers must be stored horizontally, which I've learned is not true. I also have the need to have them in arms reach. Anything I have to go far for I don't use often. So...I bought this Art Bin container. It holds the makers up so I can see the numbers, keeps them in order like my ocd requires, and until the nagging in my brain stops, I can store them horizontally, under my desk, in arms reach.
It's not as cute as some, but it works!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 11, Fixing Mistakes

Our class today is on different ways to fix those imperfectly colored images. My card today is the product of a colored image that was killed when the background attacked it. :-D
I rescued the little boy and cut him out, and outlined him with black marker to cover my imperfect coloring.I started a new background and re-stamped and colored the grass and critters. When I got it put together, it needed something, so I added the sunshine which led to the sentiment.
And for fun I added the Wink of Stella and glossy accents.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Day 10, Embellishments

I love embellishments. I also love to hoard them. It seems like when I find something I really like I cannot bare to put it on a card. I know, crazy. Today the idea was to use your copic makers to embellish your card.
I started with an ocean scene using masking paper to cover the whale do I could color the background with ink. I added the bubbles and some wink of Stella and glossy accents. A lot of glossy accents. The card base is wet behind the whale :-D
Second, I tried Jennifer's technique where you stamp in a light ink, color then add white embossed outlines. I don't have a light memento ink do I took a risk and used Stampin' Up's Smokey Slate, stamped of once and let it dry for almost an hour. No smudges. I think for the sake of my nerves, I'll invest in a light memento ink though. I'm thinking I should have used black ink and clear embossing powder or black embossing powder for this image. It looks off in white outline.

Day 9 a Day Late

Yesterday was what my husband calls OBE, overcome by events. I watched the videos about using your copic makers to do backgrounds on cards, I even picked the stamp sets I was going to use. But the product never came to pass, until now.

I tried Sandy's cloud idea. I think I need some lighter blues, but with the C1 and colorless blender have the overcast look I was aiming for, kind of.

I also totally copied Kristina's background with a band of color. Not quite as well, but I'll get better. 

I added some wink of Stella to her shirt and used a black pen to add sleeves. More fall less summer.

Hopefully I have time today to work on practicing the finishing touches ideas. If not, tomorrow's Saturday! Yeah!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day 8, Putting it all together

Today for class our homework is to make cards from the practice images we used. There are a couple techniques I still want to try, but, for now this is what I've done.