Saturday, March 12, 2016

Can't Go Wrong With Dinosaurs

There are a few things about the little boys in my family that you can count on, one of them is that they all are a bit crazy! Another is that they like dinosaurs, some more than others for sure, but dinosaurs are a hit.  One of my favorite dinosaur stamp set is the Lawn Fawn Critters from the Past set.

critters from the past

I used this awesome stamp set to make a birthday card for my nephew.  I started by stamping the images on craft paper.  I wanted to color with Prisma Color Pencils on craft for a change and for the practice. 

Image result for prismacolor colored pencils

These pencils really are awesome.  They are smooth and color like butter, and give bright color, even on craft paper.

I used some masking paper to create a one layer card.  After it was all colored, I went back over the stamp lines with a Pitt Artist Pen to bring back the outline. 

Image result for pitt artist pens

Then came time to finish the card. Add a few details with a white gel pen and round the corners and it's finished.

Happy Birthday Buddy!

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